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All of our breads are made in house and from scratch. Bread is the product that takes the longest to make.

It is started the day prior with a pre-fermented dough, made with either fresh yeast or a sourdough culture, depending on the nature of the bread. These pre-ferments enhance flavour, improve the keeping quality of the bread, and give the dough a head start when proofing.

They rest overnight, and are then mixed into the final dough early the next morning at 3am. They are given time to rise, and then they are hand cut and shaped into loaves. The resting loaves are given time to do their final proof (rise) before they go into the oven. When ready they are loaded into the large stone hearth oven and steamed. The finished loaves come out of the ovens between  8 - 10 am, depending on the type of bread. Due to the size of our oven, we can only bake 20 loaves at a time. 

Our baking environment is not perfectly climate controlled, therefore you'll notice in the winter, the doughs are slower to proof and the breads are ready a little later in the morning, versus in the summer everything rises much quicker and so they are ready earlier as a result. Baking bread is very much dependant on the surrounding environment. It is magic and turns out slightly differently every day. These imperfections and slight differences are only due to the nature of a simple bread, made by hand, without additives, stabilizers or preservatives. We find this type of bread beautiful, and we love baking this way. We hope you feel love and care that we put into each loaf every day. 

We often sell out of bread early in the day. We know this is a point of frustration for many, and for now offer that you place an order if you'd like to reserve a loaf for pick up later in the day. One day we plan to expand our bake space, get our dream oven, and keep up with all you bread lovers! Stay tuned! 

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