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A Labour of Love


We are a husband and wife team baking our dream.  Our names are Isaac Fouchard and Myroslava Mykytyn. We romanticized about opening up our own café when we first met in 2010. After of years of dreaming, tears, and sweat, we finally opened up shop in 2015. Our family has expanded as we now have three beautiful children by our sides, and we could not be happier sharing our passion with you.  


We love to bake for you! We transform simple ingredients with masterful techniques into something delicious and beautiful. Everything we make at the Black Walnut Bakery is made from scratch by our loving hands with the commitment to delivering a moment to savour and remember. We invite every guest to take that moment.


Our Values

We bake from our hearts and our hands

Each of us is passionate about baking pastries and breads from scratch with patience and care. To us, handmade is beautifully imperfect. 

Our team is our greatest strength

We are a team that works together, plays together, and eats together. We nourish and support one another. Our team is passionate about what Black Walnut Bakery does and continuously strives to improve.

Strong community roots

By developing solid relationships with our guests, our suppliers and our farmers, we help create a more unified and successful community.

Bake the world a better place

We support the wellbeing of ourselves and our environment by consciously choosing a healthy work/life balance, locally sourced ingredients and more environmentally sustainable packaging.


Our Beliefs

  • We believe in using butter, not margarine or shortening.

  • We believe that naturally and slowly fermented breads are healthier and easier to digest than highly processed doughs made commercially on a tighter schedule and made with fillers and stabilizers. Good bread takes time and it shows in the end product.

  • We believe in using real natural ingredients that anyone could find in their own pantry. Nothing synthetic, nothing processed. You can pronounce everything that’s in our baking.

  • We believe less is more. Minimal ingredients with masterful techniques. When a pastry is made with minimal ingredients, and mastered in technique, there is nothing to hide behind. Every detail shows, and it has more value.

  • We believe in making everything fresh and from scratch.

  • We believe the village of Cumberland makes us a stronger business.

  • We are proud to be in Cumberland and want to encourage other businesses to open in the village as well.

  • We believe baking makes us happy, and that indulging in a pastry made passionately, shows through and makes a customer happy.

  • We believe slight imperfection in each product makes each unique, proves it is handmade, and makes it beautiful.

  • We believe in providing a consistently delicious product.

  • We believe in always improving our recipes, adapting to trends, and striving to make our products taste even better each time.

  • We believe our team is our greatest asset. We believe in having an exceptionally strong team that works together, supports each other, is accountable for their actions, and always strives to be better.

  • We believe in doing our absolute best, but understanding our limitations and not pushing our team beyond what is realistic.

  • We believe the more efficient and organized our team is, the less stress is felt, and the happier an individual is.

  • We believe in working hard, but not overworking ourselves.

  • We believe in a slower paced lifestyle, one that enjoys every moment. We believe work and play are not mutually exclusive. We do not believe in pushing ourselves to exhaustion. We believe that rest inspires creativity.

  • We believe in reducing waste. We believe in consciously choosing more environmentally sustainable ingredients and packaging. We buy compostable packaging where possible, and choose locally sourced ingredients over imported ones.