Join our team!

We are always looking for passionate, hard working and enthusiastic individuals to join our team! If you believe our values, we would love to meet you! Please either stop in with your resume & cover letter, or email it to Note we do value cover letters greatly. And having references listed without us having to ask is also very helpful!
Let us know if what you're availability is, and whether you're looking for part time or full time. Whether you're interested in retail (serving guests) or baking. 
Applying for your first job? The minimum age to legally work in Ontario is 15 years old. Keep in mind we would love to meet you directly, and putting a face to your name means a lot and makes you more memorable. Don't be discouraged if we don't interview you right away. And don't hesitate to email us a reminder if you're seriously interested. We keep resumes on file for when we need to rehire. It is important that you apply for the position yourself, and don't have anyone else apply for you.