To place an order:

  1. It must be received the day prior by 2pm *NEW* 
    • Large orders require 48 hours notice (24+ pastries, and/or 6+ loaves of bread)
    • Please note ahead of holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas) we set a one week order deadline.
  2. Place by email to orders@blackwalnutbakery.ca
  3. You will receive confirmation within 6 business hours. 
  4. Accompanied by a phone number and name 
    • We request your phone number because occasionally orders are forgotten, in which case, we give you a call in the later afternoon to give you a reminder.
  5.  Please write the pick up date in the subject line


  • We do not accept orders by telephone message or by social media.
  • Orders will be ready for pick up as of opening. Exceptions include:
    • Not all breads are ready by 8am. Please refer to the menu page for each bread to note when a bread type will be ready. 
    • Sandwiches and soup are not ready until 10am. 
  • We accept cash, debit, or credit (MC/VISA only, NO Amex). 
  • Pre-payment is required for orders over $75.00. Payment can be made by emt (send to orders@blackwalnutbakery.ca) or in store. No security question required. 
  • Items not available for pre-order include: beverages and outside products ie. soaps, honey, jams etc.