DEADLINE: Send your Christmas order to by December 15th!

Orders - Christmas deadine December 15th

To place a Christmas order:

1. Email us at 

2. Write the pick up date in the subject line 

3. Include your name, order, pick up date, and phone number 

4. ORDER DEADLINE for all orders Dec 18th - 24th is SUNDAY DECEMBER 15th.


Please note after December 15th, no changes can be made to items or pick up date. 


Items available for order (limited quantities available for each): 


cottage white (ready at 8am)

white sourdough (ready at 9:30am)

rye / rye caraway (ready at 9am)

multigrain (ready at 10am)

white Khorasan (ready at 8:30am)

egg bread (ready at 8am)

raisin egg bread (ready at 8am) 

sweet potato buns

stollen bread

makivnyk bread



chocolate croissants

almond croissants

chocolate almond croissants

morning buns

pains aux raisins

ham & cheese croissants 

savoury croissants (v)

benny croissant 

apple turnover 

mini quiches (spinach/feta or bacon/cheddar)

butter tarts (walnut/raisin)





date squares 

pecan brownies 

power bars 

chocolate ginger butter tarts (Dec 4th - 15th only) 

caramel almond cranberry tarts (Dec 18th - 29th only) 





To place an regular order (not between Dec 18th - 24th):

  1. It must be received the day prior by 2pm *NEW* 
    • Large orders require 48 hours notice (24+ pastries, and/or 6+ loaves of bread)
    • Please note ahead of holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas) we set a one week order deadline.
  2. Place by email to
  3. You will receive confirmation within 6 business hours. 
  4. Accompanied by a phone number and name 
    • We request your phone number only because occasionally orders are forgotten and not picked up, in which case, we give you a call in the later afternoon to give you a reminder.
  5.  Please write the pick up date in the subject line


  • We do not accept orders by telephone message or by social media.
  • Orders will be ready for pick up as of opening. Exceptions include:
    • Not all breads are ready by 8am. Please refer to the menu page for each bread to note when a bread type will be ready. 
    • Sandwiches and soup are not ready until 10am. 
  • We accept cash, debit, or credit (MC/VISA only, NO Amex). 
  • Pre-payment is required for orders over $75.00. Payment can be made by emt (send to or in store. No security question required. 
  • Items not available for pre-order include: beverages and outside products ie. soaps, honey, jams etc.